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  Albion Online Beta Plans
Posted by: Rook - 11-21-2015 01:55 AM - No Replies

Albion Online Beta Plans:

Just a quick note to our old members and new friends that will be hopping into closed beta with us.  

Guests should:

  • Read the ‘About Us’ page (middle button near the top of this page).
  • If you’re in doubt about what’s expected of a ‘recruit’ please ask.  We give polite coaching if someone is straying across lines, but if you cross bigger lines you will be kicked. (Scamming, tarnishing our good name with horrific public posts that make us cringe or similar comments in local or global chat we won’t even bother with a warning - at the racist, homophobic, sexist level of stuff that would get you fired from work or removed from a professional sports team will get you removed immediately from the guild as well.)
  • Besides the above, have fun killing people in yellow, red and black zones!  Take their stuff.  Say 'good fight' or whatever and have a laugh about it on teamspeak with your buddies!  We might even take a guild's base only to ransom it back to them, who knows!
  • Looking to help?  The biggest help would be grouping up with people and facilitating more silver grinding fun, gathering some materials for our builders and just being positive and helpful in teamspeak while being cognizant of the fact that people will be tired and might need a break from questions from time to time (share teamspeak air time with others!).
  • Scheduled events (often listed in Teamspeak channel names) include silver grinding, organized red zone gathering, and light, mobile PVP roams. Everything that's fun! Please come out and get to meet some new friends!

Mostly Harmless
  • We hope to be good hosts.  We have crafters and veteran members lined up to keep things organized.  We have people that will be grinding 1000’s of stone and wood (among other things) and doing their part to make our whole guild’s experience better (thank you Kodiak and SxSilver!).  If you have the time, please help them or other volunteers who are doing so much work for the guild as well.
  • We have a fairly flat leadership structure that trusts and supports each other.  At this level of community and camaraderie no one stands alone - whether you just need a forum bump to help recruit good people, or you need 50 more rough stone to help make a building, people chip in because we’re a team.  We also understand when real life gets in the way of our hobby as well.

Here are the recordings of the public portion of our pre-launch meeting.  Hope this helps get you ready to hop on teamspeak and join the guild when you first log into this closed beta:

PS - For now, I know most of us are going to spend time with our families this weekend before this fun begins. Smile

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  Player Spotlight - Valr!
Posted by: Dridden - 11-19-2015 12:05 PM - Replies (3)

We’d like to introduce everyone to Valr, our newest player spotlight.

Valr has been a member of MH since nearly the beginning of the guild’s creation. He has been unwavering as a talented player and heavy contributor to our HR team, in which he has attained the position of Officer. Valr is great at offering strong, well founded opinions. Repeated examples of this leads our team of Council Members and Officers to routinely refer to his wisdom when making important decisions. He is regularly willing to selflessly lend a hand to friends and MH members. His actions speak to his loyalty every time he spends time with us.

Valr isn’t the kind of person who demands any sort of recognition, and generally seems happy staying out of the limelight. We can only hope he will forgive us for this spotlight today.

The list of Valr’s MMO and online gaming history is long. He’s been around the block a few times, and his experience is obvious.

"Valr often jokes that he's our grumpy old man, but he's more like a pillar of the community that guild members and leaders lean on when things get tough." - Rook, Council Member

“Valr is a great friend and one of the people who cares the most about the community. He always has a great perspective about things and maturity, that is why we are so happy to have him as part of the team to help us guide MH in the right direction.” - Kamie, Council Member

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  Albion Online Beta Launch Meeting!
Posted by: Rook - 11-10-2015 01:58 PM - Replies (1)

Alright I’m excited!

I’ve had a lot of fun playing HotS and Ark and Cards Against Humanity (or as Dodgin renamed it ‘Cards Against Rook’s Hairdo!’) - which we definitely could not stream! over the past 4 months, but I miss roaming in an open world with a few good old and new friends.  I miss the excitement and danger of trying to get resources for that next great weapon.  Most of all I miss taking other people’s stuff!  

And we have good news - way less grind!! - and several other positive changes that we’d like to share at the Albion Online Launch Meeting.

Albion Online Beta Launch Meeting
Wednesday November 18th - 9:00 PM EST

We’ve tested the new material.  We have the inside scoop.  Now it’s time to share.

Not interested in Albion? No worries!  If you’re up for it though, we’d really appreciate just having a few more people on teamspeak these next few weeks - hopefully to catch up with old friends, or to chat about some cool tips in Fallout 4, or enjoying the Blade and Soul betas, but also to show off a bit of the true membership numbers in our family. (Remember the crazy ESO and ArcheAge meetings with hundreds on teamspeak (video showing meeting)!)

And if you’re really keen on helping out, go to this forum post and give it a friendly bump.  Maybe mention or highlight one of the many events listed in post #65 where we talk about the 4 events we’re organizing just in the first week of beta to help people get to know each other and see if the game is as fun as we hope it is.

Here’s the recruitment thread - although we’re asking people just to guest with us on teamspeak.  We’ll encourage good people that you like to apply later once we get to know them a bit.

Please bump. Thanks!


Rook  (aka the Master of Coin?)

[Image: sVhBaFfm.jpg]

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  November News!
Posted by: Rook - 11-04-2015 04:04 AM - No Replies

Christmas is coming!  And for many of us that means a lot of great games are about to be released or be available soon to play test!

Blade & Soul North America is currently a hot topic with a lot of members trying it out and they are raving about the skill oriented action combat and the fun they've been having hamming it up!  (Wrestlemania ftw!)

Albion beta is set for testing Monday November 23rd.  Like all tests we want to see what's fun in this game now that it's undergone a lot of changes.  Personally I enjoy taking other people's stuff, so I'm definitely planning lots of small scale roams!

[Image: 20150522051151a0e3pb37klkpw3eg.jpg]

[Image: 1_albion_online.jpg]

In the meantime we've got Sunday Night fights in Heroes of the Storm with our very own relaxed tournament team run by Denkstrum and Rowlf, GW2 Heart of Thorns action with Kodiak, and an Ark Survival Evolved server set-up and run by Bwaite!  Here's a bit more of what we're trying in Ark.  (See our Server rules in General Discussion HERE.)

"We'll see you out on the Battlefield!"

Respectfully yours,

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  SCRIM Nights
Posted by: Bwaite43 - 09-11-2015 01:36 AM - No Replies

Mostly Harmless has always believed in training and helping each other get better in any game we play.  We’re currently having fun with organized Scrim Nights in Heroes of the Storm on Sundays at 8 PM EST or Mondays at 9 PM EST (next date and time listed in teamspeak).  Sometimes this is as simple as laning against a team mate, or co-ordinating wombo-combos to more involved nights where we practiced rotations on Dragon Shire.  In the end - like anything in games - it’s about having fun in a positive environment with friends.  Thanks to everyone for coming out!

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  Meeting & Game Night - Wednesday, August 19th 8:00 PM EST
Posted by: Bwaite43 - 08-11-2015 04:04 AM - No Replies

It’s summer (except for Scrim, Meggems, Hex and others) so we hope you are having a great vacation somewhere! If you can find the time to look at the following post and click on the poll great. If you can find the time to come out, say hi, maybe even stick around for a group game or a bad movie even better! The meeting will address current events and future plans such as:

- Albion Online – Chapter Lead – Dodgin! with many great #2s such as Valr and Rook

- Heroes of the Storm PVP fun with Rook, Kindayar and Beldorr! on Sunday Nights

- Star Wars Galaxies blast from the past with the whisky guys – Johan, Valr and Dridden!

ESO’s imperial city is coming out soonish, but for now ESO recruitment is closed. We have great members continuing to play but there isn’t the drive to run events, recruit, interview and play the game a great deal as an official MH chapter currently.

See you on Teamspeak at: voice.mhguild.com

Or on the forums at: mhguild.com

And perhaps a quick hello on our post and poll (http://www.mostly-harmless-guild.com/sho...65#pid1865)

Appreciate people dropping by to discuss potential goals for AO at the meeting. They will vary with the eventual product of the game but we’re aiming for a more steady approach so we don’t burn out – and so that we can focus on fun with friends and family!

We'll see you out on the battlefield,

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Thumbs Up Upcoming Summer Alpha Chapter Meeting
Posted by: Bwaite43 - 06-23-2015 12:59 AM - No Replies

6/27 - Summer Alpha Chapter Meeting

We will be holding our final Summer Alpha Chapter Meeting on:

Saturday June 27   
8pm EDT

Meeting will be held in our TS3 server in the Albion Online channel.

Meeting will last at least 1 hour.

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  Bethesda E3 Showcase
Posted by: Bwaite43 - 06-15-2015 01:25 PM - Replies (5)

So much win in this... I cannot wait for Doom and Fallout 4!

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  Matt's Announcement That There Will Be an Announcement for new content?
Posted by: Beldorr - 06-10-2015 10:51 PM - Replies (7)

But we're not done with the launch, of course. We're continuing to work on new content, which we'll talk about soon after console launch. We're committed to always fix problems as we find them, and continuing to ensure that the community is happy and having fun. You are all in for a great time in Tamriel, and we are honored and excited to be the studio that has brought you this experience. Log in, meet some new friends, and adventure through Tamriel. Enjoy the ride! And as always, stay tuned for the next interesting things that we'll be creating for you. – Matt

We received upper craglorn in Q3 last year, an announcement to announce news is likely we won't be seeing anything in Q2 this year.  If xbox/PS4 release does half as well as PC release, they'll be all hands on deck for bugs and quests fixes for at least a month.

The lack of content reminds me of the TF article and we haven't seen anything since then.

Sidejoke, with the multiplatform coding management.

if client = PC then
elseif client = xbox then

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  Upcoming Teamspeak Maintenance
Posted by: Bwaite43 - 06-05-2015 05:36 AM - No Replies

We have some upcoming maintenance on our Teamspeak Server planned on these dates.

Maintenance Window 1: 16. June 2015 to 18. June 2015between 12AM and 8AM EST.

Maintenance Window 2: 22. June 2015 to 24. June 2015between 12AM and 8AM EST.

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