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After many weeks of preparation, a long and very rowdy Nov 4th, Mostly Harmless obtained a piece of land in Auroria and claimed a keep.  Today Nov 6th an 10am PST...we finished it!

We introduce to everyone, The Mostly Harmless Fortress!

Keep Front

Big thanks to every single member that participated in the raid of Auroria, all our allies and friends that were with us that day, and of course the great heart of the MH members that donated the materials to build it and their time to protect the architects!

Let there be many and great fun PvP nights in and around the MH Fortress!
It is Mostly Harmless first birthday! ‘Mostly’ Birthday according to AntiRob and Dodgin.

Whether it’s all the great members making our name recognized, respected and even feared in ArcheAge on arguably the most competitive server or ZOS flying down one of our ESO veterans to get our input on the game - and then putting him in the game as a character! - it’s been a great month to wrap up our 1st year!


Territory: Dingo and Kodiak Islands, strong presence in every major city on the east! A well prepared and successful land grab.

PvP: Daily PvP events. 3 tradeships, 1 galleon, 1 fishing boat! Sold several more plans!

PvE: Full cleared GHA and 7/7 geared on numerous members during head start! Plus Santiago Fishing Club for pvp, gold and bragging rights!

Crafting: Almost every crafting skill at 50k or above within our guild so that we can compete!

Mostly Harmless Mansion in Solis:

MH impromptu battle in AA!


Guild Summit: Paid trip to visit ZOS and provide feedback on the game’s future. Won a contest to have veteran member Beldorr appear in game.

Beldorr at ZOS with Matt Firor

PVP: ESO PVP Tournament Winners! Skilled PVP nights weekly in Cyrodiil.

PVE: Crushing Dragonstar Arena! Weekly Trials Runs!

Other Games

And for people who need a break or aren’t interested in the above MMO’s we get our PvP fix in some tried and true games like SMITE, LOL, and in testing several great upcoming games.

You’ve seen the pics of us with the developers at PAX and Quakecon. You’ve seen the Battlecry and ESO Tournament wins. You’ve seen us in many co-ordinated activities out on the battlefield. But what really matters is good people that are mature, fun and professional to play with. If you think trolling is for kids and want a positive atmosphere for both men and women - well, we hope you’ll find it here with us. We look forward to your application!

MH relaxing in 'Seven Days to Die'


Oh, and to all our members, next week at our 1 year guild meeting we'll be giving away another beer kit from Mr.Beer and many game keys!

Pixel Dynamo Interviews MH!

Bwaite43 Admin posted Aug 18, 14

A ‘Mostly Harmless’ Elder Scrolls Online discussion

During QuakeCon, plenty of exciting news was released for the new MMO from Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only did we learn that the multi-player instalment of the single-player series would be available on Steam, but that there will be some incredible changes in the upcoming patches.

A PvP tournament was also held during the convention, and though the competition was stiff, the four-man team from Mostly Harmless worked together with easy confidence and came out victorious... Read More Here