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MH Wins PVP Quakecon Tournament!

Bwaite43 Admin posted Jul 19, 14
Check out the final battle here... Great Job Guys!
Co-owner/Lead Developer for The Repopulation Joshua Hall and The Repopulation Associate Creative Director Jennifer Chesnes join us this month to discuss their upcoming Sci-Fi-based sandbox MMORPG, The Repopulation.

Are you looking for Alpha access to The Repopulation, but don’t have the money to pledge? Have you pledged, but would like to increase your amount to receive a certain perk? Have friends that would like to play alpha with you? You now have your chance! As a thank you to The Repopulation and our viewers, after the interview, Mostly Harmless will pledge over $600 to The Repopulation on behalf of a few lucky viewers!

UPDATE: The Repopulation team has announced they will be matching our $600 in prizes for a total of $1200 in giveaways! Don't miss this Podcast!

When: Wednesday, June 25th at 8:00 PM EDT - 7:00 PM Central


Who: This episode will feature The Repopulation lead developer and co-owner Joshua Hall, Associate Creative Director Jennifer Chesnes and the MH team: Rook, Vixen, and Johan.

Only registered members qualify to win the $600 worth of prizes. If you are not registered, please register using your Twitch Name. If you are already registered to this website, please associate your Twitch Name in this forum post.

Be sure to show up and get some of your questions answered on the live show as well as win great prizes!

The Road Ahead ESO

Bwaite43 Admin posted Jun 5, 14
I am extremely excited about this! It Looks like we have some Massive changes coming down the pipe for ESO very soon in update 3.

  • Itemization – we’ll add gear that’s harder to acquire but more worthwhile.
  • Veteran Ranks - we're looking at giving you more "points" to spend when you hit a Veteran Rank
  • Go back and play any dungeon to get rewards appropriate for your group leader’s level
  • Guild Tabards - WOOT!!
  • Armor Dyeing
  • Crypt of Hearts, a new Veteran Dungeon created for Veteran Rank 12 characters. Continue the Crypt of Hearts story and learn the secrets of Nerien'eth the Lich.
  • Field of View slider—a much-requested feature that lets you tweak the FOV while playing in first-person mode.
  • Tons of Campaign Changes Also
You can read more about it here. Talk about it here.
Thanks to our sponsors!
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