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Looking ahead

Bwaite43 Admin posted Thu at 8:43
Hello MH! 

Lots of things brewing while we have some downtime playing games. Here is one thing I am looking forward to.

Winter beta starts on 1/26/15. So head on over to Albion Online to check it out, I always like to watch gameplay videos of games to help me decide if its something that i would like. Here is a good one to get an idea of the game.

Hope you all had a great time during the holiday (and still do in this new year eve!). I wanted to remind you all that after the holiday we will be starting our bi-weekly guild meeting. This is an occasion to all get together, no matter what game we are currently playing. It's a good time to address any question you wanted to ask or propose any good idea!

We will also have a random game that we can play together each week (you don't have to, but it can be fun!). This first week, Wednesday Jan 7th, we will be playing board game. Why board games you say? It's easy, no one needs to install, there is no need to explain rules and we can just relax and have fun! Can be a mixed of Board Games and Cards Against Humanity like Party Animal usually host, these are always fun!

Bwaite created a new steam group for our members if you want to get in touch with other members who may also be playing on steam under the name: "mhguild"

Feel free to reach out or make a post if you need an invite to Bwaite!

As most of you must know, unless you were living under a rock for the last month, AA as now become an unofficial chapter. There are still a good group of members playing it under the supervision of Beagle and Redhaze, but not as many as we used to have. What it means is, more freedom of the members who are still playing. You can invite people in the in game guild without having to go through our usual recruitment process because they will not be added to the community, just to the in game guild. Also for members who wish to do more large scale stuff, they have the freedom to roll with PRX or other guilds who have large active numbers inside AA.

Happy holidays, see you all on Jan 7th, I hope to see everyone coming!