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Pixel Dynamo Interviews MH!

Bwaite43 Admin posted Aug 18, 14

A ‘Mostly Harmless’ Elder Scrolls Online discussion

During QuakeCon, plenty of exciting news was released for the new MMO from Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online. Not only did we learn that the multi-player instalment of the single-player series would be available on Steam, but that there will be some incredible changes in the upcoming patches.

A PvP tournament was also held during the convention, and though the competition was stiff, the four-man team from Mostly Harmless worked together with easy confidence and came out victorious... Read More Here 

We will see YOU on the battlefield!

ESO - Guild Spotlight

Pedro posted Aug 6, 14
Congratulations to the guild and its ESO Chapter for being recognized by players and developers in the latest Guild Spotlight!

Here's the link to the article!
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