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Elite: Dangerous Wings Trailer

Bwaite43 Admin posted Mar 14, 15

Pretty sweet video for wings. 


GDC : Steam VR and more

Bwaite43 Admin posted Mar 5, 15

Lots of cool things coming out of the GDC.. this year should be a good one.

These guys talk about Steam VR indepth. What else have you guys seen?



With wings in beta and soon to be out here soon. FD from GDC had some good news. Looks like we may get our chance to crush console players :)


Hi everyone,

When asked, I’ve said we’d be mad not to consider bringing Elite: Dangerous to console. Well, that madness is about to end! Today we’re announcing that we will be bringing the full Elite: Dangerous to Xbox One this year. Xbox players have supported Frontier well over the years, and thanks to games like Zoo Tycoon and ScreamRide we know the hardware well, so Xbox One is a natural fit for Elite: Dangerous’ console debut.

Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One will be the complete and authentic Elite: Dangerous experience. It will not be "dumbed down". We’ll be working with an all-new audience, but that doesn’t mean a change in direction for the game, and nor does it mean slowing development on the PC version. The second of our updates – Wings – is being beta tested by some of you right now, and the third will be coming in the spring, free of charge. We’ll be talking more about the third major update – Powerplay – soon!

More players across more formats means we can devote more resources to development. The more players we have, the better the game will become. Elite: Dangerous is a living game and it will keep growing on all our formats so long as people are excited to play it.

I’m also pleased to announce PC, Mac and Xbox One players will all share the same overarching narrative and galaxy state. That means even more players contributing to the wars, power struggles and Community Goals across the galaxy.

If you want to keep up to date on our Xbox One release you can sign up to be kept informed at .

With the new Mac and Xbox One players joining us we’ll see new faces on the forums and we hope you’ll make them feel welcome. The Elite: Dangerous community has always been strong, and I’m sure it’ll be even stronger the more it grows.

Thanks for playing, and Right On, Commanders.


Looks like PC Gamer got some info on Wings for ED.

With community goals, Elite: Dangerous's first post-launch update let the community collaborate in an abstract, large-scale sense. For the upcoming patch 1.2, co-operation will more intimate and immediate. It's called the 'Wings' update, and it will let up to four players group together to patrol the galaxies as a single unit.



Check the review here.