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MH PVP Nights!

Bwaite43 Admin posted Tue at 14:00

Sunday, Wednesdays and Fridays we get together for some PVP. This is a little footage from one of our non-scheduled nights where we just got together for some fun. Hours of great footage but we've shortened here to some of the highlights. I don't know about you guys but I'm having issues going back to PVE..

Commander/Videographer: Rook
2nds and Scouts: Kodiak, Rorek, Zefx, Skinny

PS - Helps to have skilled enemies like Entropy Rising who make every night more interesting.



Bwaite43 Admin posted Apr 13, 14


MH and Allied Emperor! Not once, but three times this week alone! Congrats to Vaccine our first Emperor, to Zlad from the Guardian who has been out there all the time, and to Flowki who worked side by side with Vaccine to make sure that we and our allies were getting those titles and passive bonuses! Special thanks to our allies who were the driving force on several of the big pushes to become Emperor - especially, Primal Instinct, The Guardians, and Band of Brothers who we may not notice but are out on the field as much as we are.

VR 10!

Congrats to Fori and Scrim - great teammates who are always willing to lend a hand, who actively support their teammates both in and out of game, who have great skills but a humble attitude and are fun to play with. Great job being the first people in the guild to VR10. And see Fori's new PVP video below - between being our first VR10, his PVP skills and video editing ability - wow!

Guild Meeting - March 19th

Bwaite43 Admin posted Mar 22, 14
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